Other Activism

Sixties Revolutionary – the Monash Years

by Arthur Dent formerly known as Albert Langer

Darce played a critically important part as a leader of the sixties rebellion in Australia. I knew Darce Cassidy as a revolutionary as well as a friend, and specifically as a revolutionary communist leader….for more see Sixties Revolutionary

Power Grows Out of the Barrel of a Gestetner

Many friends have mentioned Darce’s frequent use of the Gestetner, a 1960’s wet ink printing machine, similar in output to a photo copy machine. Darce’s Gestetner was stored in his garage and was used to distribute political comment speedily to the universities or other venues. Historian Nick Butler set the context of one of Darce’s articles. view article here

The Long March to North West Cape

In May 1974, Darce Cassidy and hundreds of demonstrators traveled in convoy of several buses on a 7,000 mile (return) trip across Australia to North West Cape in Western Australia to protest against a remotely located US controlled military base…..for more see The Long March to North West Cape

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