Builders’ Labourers’ History of Australia

Produced by Len Teasdale (Darce Cassidy) for 3CR 1977

This is a history of struggles for rights against Australian authorities. It calls out the myth of passive Aboriginal resistance and covers the Eureka Rebellion, the 16 month Lithgow miners strike and struggles up to 1975. Phil Court and Dan Hellier narrate this documentary they also co-wrote The Builders’ Labourers’ Songbook. In the doco they call themselves Joe and Mario (a Mario with a Scottish accent). As members of the Builders’ Labourers’ Union they wanted to avoid being blacklisted. (from Radical Radio celebrating 40 years of 3CR)

Thanks to Mark Rohde for contacting me with copies of the first two episodes. I found the third episode at the bottom of a box of old cassettes.

Episode 1 1788- 1850
Episode 2 1854 – 1890’s
Episode 3 1900’s to 1975

In the mid 1970’s Darce helped establish 3CR community radio in Melbourne. Darce broadcast at 3CR under the name of Len Teasdale. He was working as Head of Special Projects at ABC radio in Melbourne, employees were not permitted to broadcast for other organisations.

The following radio grab from 3CR in 1977 is Darce as Len Teasdale promoting the series – The Builders’ Labourer’s History of Australia. Dur: 1’03

More on 3CR Melbourne Community Radio here: 3CR

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