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The Voice of Reason at 3CR

Darce Cassidy, Alan Roberts and Bill Hartley during a live roundtable debate on 3CR 1984
Photo Jan Smith

By Greg Segal, Senior Engineer 3CR

When I turned up at 3CR in 1978 the place was pretty tumultuous, with threats from the Jewish Board of Deputies complicated by the Red Maoists yelling at the Blue Maoists, etc.  For a somewhat naive 24 year old it was a bit overwhelming.

Darce was one of the voices of reason in all that noise, with a welcoming smile for a newbie.  I admired him for debating ideas, not people as individuals.  I realised he was not judging me, just listening and discussing.  After a while I also appreciated how skilled he was in trying to find common ground between rivals.  I think he deserves much of the credit for 3CR emerging from that era as a much stronger and more unified organisation.

Audio of Darce broadcasting on 3CR

Many thanks to some of the original 3CR Breakfast broadcasters John Campbell and Brian Caddell for sending these audio excerpts of Darce broadcasting on 3CR using the nom de newsroom, Len Teasedale

Early 3CR broadcaster Brian Caddell crosses to Darce broadcasting on 3CR as Len Teasedale – 20 seconds
Darce in 1977 broadcasting on 3CR as Len Teasedale reading News he prepared- 90 seconds

Here’s John Campbell 3CR former breakfast presenter reflecting on Darce at 3CR:

I was involved in the establishment of 3CR and was one of the regular breakfast show presenters shortly after the station was launched.  I can hear now Darce’s encouraging and very informative voice in the meetings and passing chats that occurred at the station and elsewhere.  Perhaps he did not know it, but I’m sure that without him the station would have sounded far less effective.  Not just because his own on-air work was so good, but because he inspired others to aim to be as effective as they could, despite lacking the training he had taken via the ABC.

See also https://darcecassidy.com/2024/01/builders-labourers-history-of-australia/

6 thoughts on “3CR Community Radio Melbourne”

  1. Hi Jan,
    I have a cassette tape that recently resurfaced while packing up my parents’ home here in Adelaide:
    “A Builders Labourers History of Australia” produced by Len Teasdale 😉

    I was going to digitise it, but the tape has come off the spool at one end. So I was wondering if someone else has already digitised it?
    Also, I would like to reestablish contact with you, Nick B and Robyn H – it has been a while!!

      1. I have been hoping to hear from you as I am trying to get a copy of the “Builders Labourers’ History of Australia” that I heard broadcast many years ago while restoring an old house over many weeks.

        Is the copy you have still accessible or do you perhaps know of another? I was very impressed by the work at the time.

        Brian McKay

  2. Many years ago I heard a serialised broadcast of “Builders Labourers History of Australia” while restoring a small house in Brunswick over many weeks. I’ve looked for a voice recording of this outstanding piece of Australian history with its unique perspective.

    Is it possible to obtain a copy of this recording? I am willing to pay of course.

    I have a personal interest in collecting history/ heritage material and would be delighted if my long search had such a positive result.

    In hope ..
    Brian McKay
    Albert Park

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